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Initial ecosystem in Tuscany. Download our paper

Than Tuscany 30 years ago, Part of the first Internet connection that connected Italy to the Urbanet network. This is an area that has always relied on digitalization for a dense network of innovative centers, especially concentrated between Florence and Pizza, but they do not expose other provincial capitals.

Nana Bianca, Digital Innovation Center, Navajo Technology Center, Murad Idea Park These are the names you often see in articles that talk about innovation and beginnings. In case Summer Edition of the inaugural Italy Open Summit July 2, we have a job Photo of the initial ecosystem in Tuscany Because there are so many great realities, and in this case they are worth saying.

Data from the business registry tell us which startups are in Tuscany 612, In May 2020 there were 448: in one year they grew by 36.6%. The cradle of the Renaissance region ranks eighth in the rankings of Italian regions. There were 9 rounds in 2019 and 12 in 2020. Continued growth in 2021 with such important activities Endostart, the launch of Alessandro Dosi, the technology that shortened the duration of the colonoscopies by 8.2 million. Still Eight million collections Freedom, Planting trees in the distance, a start-up that allows their growth thanks to digital technology. News of the closure of the new round of 16 million euros a few days ago Business plot It won one of the biggest American VCs. We talked about it who.

All the data on Tuscan startups can be found in our paper. You can download it here

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