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India tops global game download list by 2020

India tops global game download list by 2020

Popular games like Pokemon GO and PUBG Mobile introduced features to stay at home during lockout.

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In the first nine months of 2020, India topped the list of global mobile game downloads.

Citizens of the country have installed 7.3 billion games, which account for nearly 17% of global downloads, according to the Censor Tower, an application intelligence agency.

In the March quarter, Indians set up nearly 1.8 billion games. Over the next quarter, installations rose by 50% as the country closed. In the last quarter of September, game downloads increased by 7% to 2.9 billion downloads as Gaming Cross continued.

The United States ranks second in terms of installations with nearly 10% of total downloads, followed by Brazil at 8%.

Kareena Free Fire is the most downloaded game worldwide in the first nine months of 2020, followed by PUBG Mobile and Subway Surfers.

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PUBG Mobile was banned in India in October and the popular game recently announced that it will be re-entering in a new incarnation.

In October, Innerslot became the most downloaded game among us worldwide. Censor Tower reports that India has the highest number of installations, representing 15% of total downloads, followed by the United States with nearly 12%.

Google Play downloads grew by more than 40% in the first nine months compared to last year, with Apple’s App Store installations up 16% over last year.

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