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In Contamines-Montjoie, the escape game is a hit!

In Contamines-Montjoie, the escape game is a hit!

Hell GroomerName the first outdoor digital escape game at the Base to Mont-Blank Resort. Since the start of the February holidays, it has been looking for a successful launch activity among Les Condomines’ family customers.

Created by Grenoble based startup Crawley, you can download the named mobile app on your smartphone and then disable it for an hour trial. “Gamers” are solving puzzles that require attention, reflection and cooperation!

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Traces in the form of QR code tags are scattered all over the village and can be explored in a fun and friendly way that will really appeal to children and parents alike!

“The game, which launched on February 9, has already recorded more than 300 games at the resort,” says Estelle de Malmacet, a press official with the Tourism Office. “Families play an average of four, which makes up about 1,200 participants since the launch of this independent and coveted friendly game.”

The majority of female players

Of the players who created an account, the most addicted were 26-39 year olds, followed by 13-25 year olds and 40-49 year olds. 57% are women (probably because they care more about children ?!). If the game lasts from 1 hour to 1:30, it is possible to stop later or start again the next day. Prizes await players who have solved puzzles in the reception area of ​​the Tourist Office.

Customizable, Crawley’s “La Groomer Infernal” Escape game is available this winter at Wojciech, Colette de Alert, or even 7Lox, where the cards are also a hit.

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