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Impressive revenue in Q1 2021, but stadia data not disclosed –

The Alphabet Revealing the Gods has released its financial statement for Q1 2021 Very interesting earnings. Unfortunately, the data Stadia, One of the most favorite for gamers. Whatever company he controls Google Revenue of $ 55.3 billion, which represents + 34% compared to the same period in 2020. Operating revenue was $ 16.4 billion (+ 106.1%), operating margin 30%. Net income reached 9 17.9 billion (+ 162.3%), with diluted earnings of $ 26.26 (+ 166.4%) per share.

Another impetus behind Google’s growth is epidemic, which has drastically changed the lives of millions of people and forced them to turn to the web en masse to fill their free time.

In between Services Google stands against the cloud trend, with revenues rising to $ 2.8 to $ 4 billion, but it still records an operating loss of $ 974 million. However, compared to the previous year, the loss was $ 1.7 billion.

Google’s services.5 $ 19.5 billion operating total revenue of $ 51.2 billion. Unfortunately Alphabet has not publicized various rumors, so we do not know the impact of different software and hardware in the segment including Stadia.

The financial results of Sony and Microsoft were released today.

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