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“I’m satisfied, it’s not easy. Audiences? The best adrenaline rush”

After his first win with Mr. Calabro Virtus Francavilla

29 August 2021 22:54

By Antonio Argentine Puma

“The success of the introduction gives you confidence and is not easy”.


These are the words of coach Catanzaro Antonio Calabro Virtus qualified at the end of the first championship match against Francavilla 3-1.


“We were good at bringing in a good performance – the coach reiterated – the reaction to Virtus’ goal was positive. Until that moment they didn’t do much and being punished could have affected my boys.”


Then he says: “Vasquez – a brace scorer – trains like everyone else during the week and takes more effort and the fruits are harvested on Sundays”.

Aren’t there more fluid outdoor paths? “They asked for 5 – he underlined – and it’s not easy to attack from the outside. There’s a lot of space inside the midfield when this happens.

Isn’t it probably even more cynical to close the game? “There is work to be done on how to close the races – he agreed – this aspect should not be taken with us as a negative thing. Satisfaction.”

Cinnelli? “The lower half never did it but he has the qualities to do it.”

Are there spectators in the stadium? “It was a very strong adrenaline rush as we entered the field, and thank you for the reaction we gave to the crowd that inspired us.”