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"I'm not your toy anymore"

“I’m not your toy anymore”

Dayen Mello argues with half the house and unleashes a reactionary Rosalinda: “I’m not your doll anymore”. This is a short step from kisses to the final breakup. The two ex-friends clash at the last minute, especially after Sonia was nominated and later expelled – by Aduwa.

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Since Rosalinda nominated Sonia – a valuable recommendation during the live broadcast of Chapter Twenty-Nine Big Brother Whip – The relationship with Dayan has broken down. Until a few days ago the two friends who talked about the love that the two exchanged exchanges are not talking to each other now.

I felt bad for Dayane Son Sonia, the first person to distance herself – she explained directly to Signorini – she went the other way. This is part of my path but something has changed.

Mello wants Rosalinda to continue the journey with the newcomers, claiming that she is “stuck” with him and accusing him of being too negative. Rosalinda No «aI am starting to become more aware of myself, My comments, my comments, maybe I am no longer conditioned, so I am no longer good to Dayan. But that’s okay, I will be the toy I used to be, Old, should be set aside, which gives the negative.

Obini yells from the studio: Ros Rosalida Well done, finally! Dayen will approach them because he does not approach newcomers. Rosalinda, I’m glad for you, it’s never too late “, Mello replied:” Francesco, you do your *** – then return to Rosalinda – play the play, do this “, but this time Rosalinda replied:” I did not make a play, myself, Myself, if it’s not right with you, it’s right! .

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