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Illegal transportation and unloading of waste. Metropolitan Police condemn a man in Marsala

Marsala Metropolitan Police new action against waste dumping. A person seizes the space of a municipality and collection company and illegally loads and unloads discarded waste from a home that was intended to be disposed of by truck.

A new nuclear plant set up inside the Metropolitan Police Station this morning intercepted a truck carrying abandoned waste from a house via a nuclear plant dedicated to curbing illegal waste traffic – coordinated by Commander Vincenzo Menfi. Cicero.

The man was followed by traffic police, who then stopped and searched near the Metropolitan Police headquarters via Del Quidz. The test revealed that sofas, microwave ovens, so special waste, household items, cardboard and other bulky items were taken away without any authorization of home-loaded waste.

That person was summoned to order along with another person and the truck was confiscated and reported to the judicial authorities. The first investigation revealed that the person had used the seized vehicle to smuggle waste illegally on behalf of a third party.

Apparently, instead of contacting the municipality or the collection agency because the customers are “citizens”, an action is taken that seeks to dispose of them by turning to these abusive companies that are unable to deliver waste to the authorized companies. They do not have an identification form that shows the terrain, appearance and destination, and as a result can not be left unchecked. The seizure and disposal of the vehicle and waste will, legally, be accepted by the person notified of carrying them, but by the owner who has already been identified.

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