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Ikea introduces the perfect shelves to transform into a Tonk Kong level -

Ikea introduces the perfect shelves to transform into a Tonk Kong level –

If we do not know Shelves Fun you Ikea Whether comfortable or not. It is certain that they are right for a position Ass Cong, Apparently working and decorating, demonstrated by video game enthusiast @ miki800, who posted the fruit of his intuition on Twitter. In fact, it’s not hard to see the similarity between the Nintendo Classic and the first level of shelves, but the girl decided to make it a reality, without noticing it.

Ikea’s Lustic shelves

Bought the cupboard, took the brushes and paints, turned all the shelves @ miki800 red, then simulated the empty spaces of the Donkey Kong level scaffolding and decorated the edges in black. He then recreated the blue barrel that had been placed at the beginning of the stage. Reminds me of a live setting, by purchasing, instead of characters Reproduction of originals At Jax’s Pixel Art, Nintendo is officially licensed.

To do it right, it only took a wooden barrel to roll in the scaffolding (Tongi Kong blows them all over a level Mario), which went to a toy store.

Be careful, it’s Super Mario Brothers’ Mario, not Donkey Kong, except for Paul, which has no toys and hammers in it, but we can be satisfied with the result. Because it is even better.

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