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"I will never duet with Dad"

“I will never duet with Dad”

Jasmine Carici talks about her relationship with her father, her life and her future, revealing that she does not want to sing a duet with Al Bano.

Last year, at the end of the first lock, the fifth daughter Al Bano Carici – Jasmine – Introduced herself to the media through the single of a singer. The little girl released it Web light The focus of the press was immediate. There have been several interviews with journalists asking if Al Bano and the girl could sing together in 2022 to participate in San Remo. Celeno explained that the singer of San Marco has never been unbalanced in this regard. The daughter has not yet studied and trained, but she has never closed the door to this opportunity.

In the fall, Jasmine made her television debut with her father. Both acted as judges of merit ‘The voice is senior‘Despite initial skepticism, little Caricature came out on top. At the end of that experience, the reviews praised him and the number of followers on social networks increased. After the show, Jasmine went back to school and she got a little lost. However, on the eve of her father’s birthday, the little girl was interviewed by a courier.

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Jasmine Garrison: “Duet with Dad? It never “

The interview initially focused on the relationship between Little Carrick and the well-known father: “My father and I are allies, there are no barriers between us. It is more important to be honest at all costs than to free myself from him. Congratulations”. The young singer explains that it was only a few years ago that she realized she wanted to pursue the business and in a certain way associated with her father on a birthday: “I recorded some cards for him in English of successes like Paddy Soul. I don’t know if he was really surprised by the music or if he didn’t think I spoke English well. “

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The family supported this choice, and at one point he backed her up when he thought of giving up: “I found out I had a complicated family name and I was afraid my voice would not like it”. Difficulties after introduction due to hate on the web: “I have 95,000 followers, but I will close my profile if I can. Everyone has a Carde Blanche to express frustration, and sometimes they make me a condition ”. In closing, Jasmine sings a duet with her father, the answer being surprising: “Never, never”.