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"I was very disappointed with the immigrants" - Libero Cottidiano

“I was very disappointed with the immigrants” – Libero Cottidiano

Apply with you Virginia Rocky, But former Miss Italy Nadia Bengal Did not avoid a severe attack on 5 star motion On Immigrants. In 2009 the 59-year-old beauty applied for the European Championship Right It was selected by Theodoro Puventembo and Francesco Stores and ended before he was not elected. Now point the capitol and try again. With Mayor Rocky, he explains Courier della sera, “We met at the election party she was talking about, people can ask her questions, but I was already one of his supporters. There are some things I do not like about M5s, while there is nothing I do not like. “

Now I call it Peppy Grillo.  Background: Pd, Virginia threatens Rocky Conte after indecent proposal for mess-M5s

The problem is found at national summits: “Recently the movement has deceived me a lot, especially when I contradict certain positions. I do not accept this. Continuous landing Hundreds of people we have to support, they only do damage … I am not a racist, far from it, my father has always been a racist … but when an event is enough to damage Italy … We help these people in their country, we invest … we can talk about it, but I do not like what is happening. “

More toxic than waste.  La Roque has not been vaccinated, Lucarelli's anger: and everything flies in the public square

And rays? When he was elected, at first I was not Absolutely exciting. I saw that she was stunned: ‘A normal person, clean, they will eat her alive …’. It had been a while, but she resisted all attacks with determination and perseverance. She does her job well, but the media sends the message that she is incompetent … I challenge those who were in front of her, what did they do? Rocky was criticized for not organizing many shows, I have done a lot in my company and I also wrote TV formats with a friend.

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