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Huawei files a patent to prevent injuries during your workout

Hawaii plans to develop fitness technology to prevent serious injury during physical training performed by its users. To do this, the Chinese brand has filed an application and issued a new patent.

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Huawei It continues to work on new innovative technologies that make the lives of its users even easier than ever before. According to the latest information from the Huawei Central website, the Chinese team recently filed a new patent application, which will be useful Fitness enthusiasts. The certificate reveals that the patent application “Message Reminding of System, Connected Devices and Equipment” has issue number CN113192597A.

This document points out that in recent years, more and more people are downloading and using the fitness processor, which allows them to exercise at home and stay in particularly good health. Hawaii may have found a solution to avoid injuries during these sessions.

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Hawaii has found a way to avoid injury during your workout

Hawaii explains that fitness enthusiasts rely heavily on technology to maintain their fitness at home. During the game session, Some movements can lead to serious injury If they are not trained properly. To do its job, Hawaii uses a number of methods to reduce the risk of injury. Various information related to exercise may include data such as posture type, muscle strength or two essential points.

Thanks to its patent, notices and reminders to Huawei users will be sent to the terminals. Although this is currently only patented and Hawaii has not yet begun to work, this tool is usually useful for those who train at home without any assistance; With smartphone, tablet, attached backup or attached watch.

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Source: Hawaii Central