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WhatsApp will end support for multiple cell phones starting November 1st

How to write messages yourself


October 10, 2021 – 2:34 p.m. Clock

Send messages yourself

Quickly type a message or record and send a voice message. WhatsApp is definitely the most widely used app for many cell phone users. Isn’t it practical to make important notes in use? With a little trick, you can use the app for a notepad, reminder or quick media storage. How it is done!

Send pictures, media and notes

There are countless Android apps with apps that can write and store notepads, dodo lists, data storage or anything temporarily. Many people send emails to themselves so that important information or links are not lost.

But if you use WhatsApp it does not always have to be email. Usually sending a message yourself is not easy, but there is a little trick to changing it. To do this, you need to set up a chat with you, according to googlewatchblog. It can be retained permanently and called back. So you can send pictures or other media to you.

How to chat with you

Enter the link followed by your phone number with the country code in international format. For example (If this does not work, try using + instead of 00.) You will now be taken to the WhatsApp page that tells you to open WhatsApp. You will enter a chat with yourself. Now write something to officially open this chat. This can be used again and again just like any other dialog within Messenger. The above steps should be done only once. Give it a try. (Jar)

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