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How to Upload Video to Facebook and YouTube Properly (HD Quality)

How to Upload Video to Facebook and YouTube Properly (HD Quality)


In this article, I will show you how to properly download videos from Facebook and YouTube in HD quality. It sounds easy to some people, but I experienced this frustrating process when I uploaded a video to Facebook and it took me hours to wait. Finally I see my video is uploaded with low quality but my video is not low quality but facebook and youtube are low quality. Those who read this article must have experienced this too.

Don’t worry. I will show you a simple and straightforward method that can solve your problem in just a few steps. Follow the step-by-step guide below to avoid any confusion.

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Upload Facebook video properly in HD quality

To download HD videos Facebook appYou have to implement Download HD Setting up. Follow the steps below to change the quality of your video.
  1. Open your Facebook app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. pipe At the bottom right of Facebook.
    How to Upload Video to Facebook and YouTube Properly (HD Quality)

    Toggle icon

  3. Scroll down and tap Settings and Privacy > systems.
    How to Upload Video to Facebook and YouTube Properly (HD Quality)

    Settings and Privacy

  4. Scroll to this Media and Communications and press Videos and pictures. Note that the desktop version of Facebook does not have “Media and Contacts”. So you need to use Facebook app to enable HD video download.
    Media and Communications

    Media and Communications

  5. below Video settingsTouch near Download HD To activate your HD video system (example: empty )
    How to Upload Video to Facebook and YouTube Properly (HD Quality)

    Download video in HD

To post video in HD:

  1. pipe What’s on your mind? At the top of your news feed or timeline.
  2. pipe Photo/Video.
  3. Select and tap the HD video you want to share Do.
  4. pipe Work.
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Facebook will process your video and let you know when it’s ready to watch.

Download video from YouTube perfectly in HD quality

Sometimes this happens when uploading your video to YouTube, it loses its quality while uploading and there is a trick if you don’t understand, your video may not be uploaded in high definition. Follow the steps below to successfully upload a video to YouTube in HD quality.

  1. As usual, select your high-quality video and use YouTube’s download feature.
    • Give a good title
    • Choose an eye-catching thumbnail
    • Give it a description and explain your video a bit
    • Give it some related tags and it will help your video to be at the top of search results
  2. Once you have completed step #1. Now check the download section. You should see a percentage indicating how long it will take to publish your video. Here’s the trick. need you Never Click on next Until you see HD finished processing. If you click Next without checking “HD Finished Processing”, your video will not be in high quality (HD, FHD, 4K). This is a trick for those who are new to YouTube channel or just starting out.
    Processing completed

    Processing completed


In this article, I have explained how to properly download video from Facebook or YouTube in HD quality. With the Facebook app, you can access settings and enable HD video or photo functionality. On YouTube, you should never process until you see the “HD Process Completed” message at the bottom of the download page on YouTube.