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How To Speed ​​Up Android Smartphones: Different Tricks

Is your Android smartphone too slow? Find out how to speed up your computer

Who suddenly see their own Smartphone Android Sluggish in doing any activity? Everyone may have run into this situation. The reason is often given by the normal age of the device, other times it may be a solvable computer problem. However, there are some tricks that will allow you to improve and, albeit slightly, increase performance and speed. Therefore, it is not necessary to run the card immediately by replacing it with a new one, at least not always.

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What can be done to speed up an Android smartphone

Android 12

One of the first tips is to go inside Settings Also, in the Software section, check if you need to upgrade your system. Update always ensures performance upgrades and bug fixes and longer battery life.

Another thing you can do is to update all the apps on the smartphone very efficiently. To do this, open Google Play Store, Go to Settings and click “Automatic application update”.

It can also be very useful to “clean” the device by deleting files and caches that weigh down the system. If you want a more thorough cleaning, you can use an app AVG Cleaner.

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However, if your problem is encountered with some applications, you can use lite versions where available. Facebook, Ambassador, Twitter, Skype, Web light e Gmail They use them.

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It can also monitor the battery to see if there are apps in the background. In some cases, the smartphone will alert you and ask if you want to force it to stop.

Other “small” actions to speed up the smartphone include disabling unnecessary services or avoiding the need for continuous activation of the smartphone upgrade, as these can lead to overwork and overheating.