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How To Save TikTok Video With One Click

How To Save TikTok Video With One Click

Dictoc videos are very easy to store on a smartphone, just like on a computer.

TikTok is a bottomless pit full of amazing, inspiring and entertaining videos. Those you like can join your favorites: Click on the heart-shaped icon next to it. But, if you want to keep something off site, you have the opportunity to save it.

In this case, you have two solutions: You can download video from a mobile app on Android or iOS, just like on a smartphone. Otherwise, you can restore it on your computer by linking to the service’s website. To find a video on the platform you must first have a link to it.


Record TikTok video on your smartphone

TikTok Record Video
The option is very accessible. // Source: Screenshot

For the first time, this will definitely be preferred because Internet users will have access to Dictoc through a smartphone, which uses an application parameter.

Video recording is like a children’s game. Show only the option in the menu.

  • Open Dictoc on your smartphone;
  • Go to the video you like;
  • Click the icon with the arrow pointing to the right:
  • Select the “Video Recording” option from the on-screen inset;
  • That’s it!

When you save, you will see a fill bar at the bottom of the screen with a progress percentage showing how far the video has been taken. When the download is complete, a blue message will appear confirming the end of the process. The video (s) can then be found in the folders of your smartphone.

The location of the folder may vary depending on whether you are using Android or iOS, but depending on the version of the operating system. As for Android 12, they can be found, for example, by the Files app (Files) or by Google Photos. Videos will be saved in the “Camera” section of the “Library” tab.

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Note that some videos sometimes do not offer the option to record video. This is an indication that the video uploader does not want to allow this option – when submitting a new creation, TikTok will ask which application you want to accept or reject (including comments, duets, galleries, etc.).

Save the TikTok video to your computer

If you can not download dicto video from your smartphone, going through your computer is a good alternative as the native option is disabled. The trick to overcoming this barrier depends on the capabilities of your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) to replace the ones missing from TikTok.

Recording video is also very easy: it can be done in almost a single click.

  • Go to the TikTok website;
  • Attach yourself to the video you like (to open the browser, you have to write the link you found on the smartphone);
  • Right-click on the video with your mouse;
  • Look for the “Save Video As” line in the context menu (it works with Firefox, Edge and Chrome);
  • Select where you want to store the video on your computer;
  • That’s it!
Save to TikTok Firefox
Source: Screenshot

This approach compensates for cases where the TikTok option is not available. If so, it’s up to you to keep the video on your smartphone, link it to the email you send, use the transfer service, or send it back to you by connecting your smartphone to your computer. A device like AirDroid, via Bluetooth or a cable, etc.).

Note that this works against the person who chooses a control system to prevent the recording of the video – but you may find that you are playing exceptionally well for personally copying the work that allows for personal copying of the video. Until it leaves the family structure. So be careful not to rebroadcast anywhere.


It goes on to say Pim, Pam, Boom.  // Source: TikTok / Jujuficats