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How To Quickly Install Your Essential Software On Your Computer?

How To Quickly Install Your Essential Software On Your Computer?

Microsoft last year released a preview of a new package manager Winket. Inspired by the popular Linux apt-get, this application allows you to quickly download and install a lot of software without having to download and install it manually on Windows 10. All you have to do is save your precious time while reinstalling Essential software for Windows After reinstalling the Microsoft operating system on your computer.

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Without the graphical interface, the widget works on command lines. If it turns off more than one at first glance, the use of the wicket and the mastery of its various commands are irreplaceable, even asa fort char to a user in this kind of practice.

1. Download the wicket

Get started by downloading the widget on your Windows 10 computer. You need to recover in a file format .appxbundle.

Download the widget for Windows 10 (Free)

Double-click on it to begin the installation, and then in the window that appears, click Update.

2. Open the PowerShell

To use the widget in Windows, you need to open the PowerShell command translator in admin mode.

To do this, right-click on the Windows 10 Start menu Windows PowerShell (Admin).

3. Start the wicket

To start the widget in PowerShell and get more information about this package manager, type the command Winket Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Winket displays a list of commands that are open and usable. To run a wicket command, you must always enter the widget following your command.

4. Show a list of available software

Winket Package Manager allows you to install software delivered directly to the Microsoft repository. To view a complete list of software available from the Microsoft repository, type Winket search Check by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.

The list of software that can be installed is long and you should not hesitate to go up again to find all the programs you like. Use this opportunity to write the names of the people you want to install.

You can search the software manually by running the command Winket Search NomDeVotreLogiciel. The wicket will indicate whether the software is available or not. Let’s go to the next step to install it directly.

If the desired program is not provided, the widget will display the message No package matched the selected criteria.

5. Install the software

Installing software from the widget is trivial. To do this, enter the command Winket Install NomDeVotreLogiciel Verify by pressing the Enter key.

The program will be immediately downloaded and installed on your computer. You have to wait a few seconds. Repeat the process multiple times as needed to install all the software you need.

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