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How to put For Cry 6 in French?  - Breakflip

How to put For Cry 6 in French? – Breakflip

For Cry 6 is finally available on all platforms and all players! But how to put the game in French to play in French?

It was finally released this Thursday, October 7, 2021 For Cry6, On different platforms! Developed by Ubisoft, the game is available for anyone purchasing on Xbox, PC and PlayStation. Once downloaded and installed, many players encountered the problem: the game is not in French!

Apparently it can be put in French, but how? You must first make all updates to the game, then go to the game options to download the French language package. We describe all the steps below.

How to play Far Cry 6 in French?

To put For Cry 6 in French, you need to follow a few steps! First Make sure the game is up to date, For Cry 6. Once an update can be downloaded after installation, once it is done, follow these steps and go to the game options:

  • Go to the main menu
  • Go to “Options”
  • Then “Audio”
  • Then select “Interface and Language”
  • Then “Language of Conversations”
  • Then click “Download” next to “French”

You must have downloaded the French language in the game! All you have to do is use it in various audio and subtitle settings. You can play the game in French!

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