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How to make sure your smartphone always has content to watch offline

Streaming services, whatever they are, almost all download content either manually or automatically. Here’s how it works.

Having your music, audiobooks, podcasts, movies and TV shows in the cloud is a great idea. Everything is accessible from any device, at any time and it takes up no space on the device in question. When you are not logged in, you have no content. Fortunately, current streaming services all offer the possibility Download Tamil Content, whether automatic or not.

Enabling these automatic downloads can be very useful in many situations. Especially when you suddenly have to go on a trip, or when your internet suddenly fails you. Below are three apps that offer such features. Others, like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+, allow manual downloads, but better functionality is coming soon.

Enable Smart Downloads on Netflix

Netflix Smart Downloads save movies and TV shows in the background so they’re ready to watch when you need them. To do this, tap the Downloads button at the bottom of the mobile app interface and then choose Automatic Download. There are two options you can enable: “Download Next Episode”, which will do that, and “Custom Downloads”. Netflix will download a selection of content you might like.

The settings below allow you to manage the storage allocated to these automatic downloads. You can even set it to a profile. You can also see how much storage you have on your phone and how much Netflix is ​​taking up.

You can see all your downloads either manually or automatically in the Downloads tab in the app. You can delete a download with the pencil icon, then “Delete” or tap the download icon to the right of each content.

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How to allow YouTube to automatically download recommended videos

To use this feature on YouTube, you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium, €11.99 per month. Next to the videos in the app is a download button. If you don’t have time to manage these uploads manually, YouTube can do it for you. Finally, to enable Smart Downloads, tap your profile icon, then tap Settings and Background and Downloads. You can also choose Download Quality to set the default quality.

YouTube explains that selected videos are “recommended” for you based on your habits and the list is updated every seven days.

Downloaded videos can be found in the app’s Library tab and then Downloads. You can view and delete them when needed, but there is no option to view used and/or remaining storage.

Smart YouTube Music Downloads

YouTube Music can also download content for you. For this, you need to get YouTube Music for €9.99 per month. You’ll find download buttons throughout the app, and tap to save playlists, albums or songs. To find all downloaded music, tap Library, then Downloads.

From the Downloads screen, tap the gear icon to turn on Smart Downloads (Android) or download an offline mixtape (iOS) with a slider, where you can set the number of songs and storage used.

Offline mixing appears as a playlist on Android and iOS, but the song limit (up to 100 tracks) can only be set on iOS. On Android, you can download up to 500 songs using this feature. All these albums and tracks will not be in the offline mixtape, but in the downloads, in the library.

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Most reputable podcast apps download new episodes of your podcasts. For example, in the Pocket Casts app, tap the gear icon on the podcast page and turn on automatic download.

If you prefer the overlay app on iOS, you can find this option on the podcast’s page, then tap Settings, Download, and Auto Download. So the process is automated and you can send them to individual playlists.

If you’re using the native Apple Podcasts app, tap on the button with the three little dots in the top right corner, then Settings and Download Automatically. You can choose all new episodes, no episodes or anything in between based on a certain number of episodes or when they will be released.