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How to install update without waiting for deployment

How to install update without waiting for deployment

Do you have a Windows PC compatible with Windows 11 and now want to install the new Microsoft system? Here’s how to do it.

Windows 11: How to install update without waiting for deployment

Windows 11 is now available. Updates from Windows 10 are free and this new version will be released gradually in 2022. If your PC is compatible, you can update it now.

Check if your PC is compatible with Windows 11

First you need to check if your machine is beautiful and compatible with Windows 11.

Microsoft has put together a “PC integrity verification” tool that allows you to verify that a machine meets all criteria.

Once the “PC Integrity Verification” application is installed and launched, all you have to do is click “Verify Now” in the “Windows 11 (sic)” presentation section. If your PC ticks all the boxes, the tool will show “This PC meets Windows 11 requirements”.

Do not wait to deploy: What is the risk to the PC?

Deployment of Windows 11 can be very gradual for a number of reasons. First, the faster PCs go to Windows 11, the greater the problem error will affect a greater number of machines. So this is a good way to soften the reception of the new system. This is a way for Microsoft to work with its partners on the quality of drivers for the various components of a PC. If Microsoft did not provide you with the update, it may be because the company believes that a part of your machine or one of your devices will work less with Windows 11 for now.

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So by wanting to force the update without waiting, you should be aware that your PC can see its performance drop. Make this choice only if you are well aware of the risks.

Request an update with Windows Update

The easiest way to request an update without waiting to deploy is to go through the Windows update. By doing a “check for updates” manually, Microsoft will see that you are looking for Priority Access. This system will allow you to download and install Windows 11.

Navigate through the Microsoft site

Microsoft provides a Windows 11 installation guide on its site, which allows you to start the installation immediately if you consider it PC compatible.

Allow yourself to be guided by the tool.

Windows 11: How to install update without waiting for deployment

Install the update with ISO

There is another fast way to force an update to Windows 11 on a compatible computer. The method is different, but the process is the same for Windows, so it does not affect your license or data any differently than using the Windows update.

The first step is to legally download Windows ISO and install the USB drive.

On this page, click “Download” under “Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) Download”, then select the language and click “64-Bit Download” (approximately 4GB) to download Windows 11 ISO.

Windows 11: How to install update without waiting for deployment

When this process is complete, double-click on the ISO file (Alternatively, right-click on the file and select “Mount”, or right-click on the file “Open with File Explorer”). In the folder that opens, run the “setup.exe” file. Then all you have to do is update to the new system.

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After several restarts, you will be in Windows 11.