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How to Fix Unable to Download App on Play Store on Android (Samsung) 2021

How to Fix Unable to Download App on Play Store on Android (Samsung) 2021

You are “CI didn’t download the app Or unable to download Android apps or games from Google Play Store? So don’t worry! In this tutorial, you will learn many ways Can’t download app from Play Store On Android devices.

Google play store is the most popular source for downloading Android games and apps and if you can’t download apps, it can give you a headache because you can’t download apps or games from unverified sources. By Google.

Meanwhile, this is a common problem faced by Android users when they find an exciting app or game on the Google Play Store and get stuck with a “Downloading” or “Pending” message at the bottom of the download bar. The download screen keeps showing the same message after waiting for several minutes or hours.


How to Fix Unable to Download App on Play Store

Before following the steps below, remember one thing; There are some features that users need to confirm. Google Play Store only downloads one app at a time, so all other apps are currently downloading or updating while the screen display is waiting to verify. If so, wait for the update to complete or skip the download manually by going to the My Apps & Games section.

Google Play Store depends on other processes that run silently in the background. Whenever you clean the Play Store, it’s a good idea to clean it as well Google Play Services.

Now, if everything looks fine, the internet is working, you have enough storage on your phone, but you still can’t download it, so here’s what to do.

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to indicate: Screenshots provided are taken on Samsung Galaxy devices, so steps may vary slightly.

Step 1. Go on systems Press the app, then applications.


Step 2. Search or find now Google Play Services Tap the app to open it.

How to Fix Can't Download App from Play Store on Android (Samsung) 2021

Google Play Services

Step 3. Select savings.

Step 4. Finally, touch Empty the cache.

How to Fix Cannot Download App from Play Store on Android (Samsung) 2021

Empty the cache

Now go to Google Play Store and start downloading apps or games. If the above process doesn’t solve your problem, try it again on Google Play Store.

This can fix the inability to download the app from the Google Play Store. Most of the time, deleting both Google Play Services and Google Play Store will fix the problem. Apart from this, you should also check your internal storage before downloading any app.

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