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comment télécharger une vidéo youtube

How to download YouTube video in 2021?

Over the years, some of the popular sites and tools that allowed this to happen have disappeared. It should be noted that the platform does not allow this procedure and covers more than one. Now, what to do to download videos without going through YouTube premium subscription? We present to you a short list of useful ways to answer this question in 2021.

The service team available for this practice is constantly changing. Some sites will disappear, while others will no longer allow downloading videos with music. That’s why we’ve covered you with a short guide listing what works. As for YouTube, we recently published an article about the meaning of the YouTube logo.

Websites to download YouTube videos

This is the easiest way to get there. Boot a video from your web browser into the platform, retrieve its URL address and copy it to the appropriate site. Here you are in MP4 format with your content. mistakes? Well, you will only find a few quality options or nothing on offer. In addition, some people may not be able to download music content due to copyright. This is it Clipconverter For example. As such, it deserves to be left out of all the qualities available in a video except those at 60 fps. Instead, install the extension Adblock Before using it. On a smartphone, go through the browser blocking ads to use it.

ClipConverter Screen Shot

Other websites are even simpler

Since the longevity of these sites is not guaranteed, we would like to mention several possibilities despite some drawbacks. Clicking more than once annoys you and if multiple options give you a headache, come back Y2 Comrade. When you copy the URL of a video there, the download links will appear immediately. You need to choose something similar to the desired quality. Like ClipConverter, if you do not have Ad Block the site will harass you with ads. Without this extension, say goodbye to simplicity! In the same vein as the Y2mate, we see 9 change. It is almost identical, but with no ads. Finally, we did not find any sites to receive 60 FPS videos. This requires going through the software.

YouTube video download site: y2mate and 9convert

Software to download youtube video to computer

Why install one when sites offer the same service? These offer high quality options and allow you to download the entire playlist from the platform. You can find the free version of the software in them 4K Video Downloader. It downloads content up to 60 fps and 8K for some videos with this resolution. However, some are available in 4k 60pf, but are differently defined for 1080p above. This free version allows you to download about 30 videos a day This seems more than enough to us. Additionally, you can select your options for shapes and attributes in smart mode so that they apply to all your downloads. Also note that subtitles can be downloaded. As for playlists, the software will not take more than ten videos without the premium version.

4K Video Downloader offers MP4 and MKV formats and is available for Mac OS and Windows. We will cite these two operating systems and Linux YouTube Download HD Software. The latter goes up to 4K 60 fps, which is more than enough. On the other hand, there is no download of playlists for him. Even if you choose one or the other, their benefits are very simple. Copy / paste the link of your video into the software.

Screenshot of 4K video download software

Go through VLC software to download youtube video?

Other guides on the same topic recommend downloading YouTube videos using this media player. This is really possible. However, the manipulation is not really intuitive and there is no other option in the resolution or formatting of the video. Additionally, its quality is limited to 720 p and the rendering appears to be pixelated for some content.. Forget about 60 fps or subtitles too. So this is not a good solution in our opinion.

Android apps to download YouTube videos

No need to browse the Google Play Store because YouTube is owned by an American company. So, if the platform condemns these applications, so does the company that owns it. So you need to find these applications from a browser and download the APK file. (Android Package Kit). Are called the best we have found Tubemate. To use this, allow application installation from unknown sources in your settings. The application allows you to download videos in MP4 format, MP3 and 8K in WEBM format up to 1080p in private or in playlist. No need to search for video URL, Once the content is selected it integrates the navigation directly into YouTube with the “Download” button. Let’s quote YouTube Downloader It does the same. When you start a download, the words “unknown qualities” above 1080p correspond to higher resolutions.

Tubemate can also upload videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other sites that offer videos.

Screenshot of the TubeMate app on Android

Download TamilA YouTube video on his iPhone

Although there are useful apps in the App Store, they do not stand alone for their reliability and will be removed quickly. So there are two possible solutions to download YouTube video from iPhone:

  • Use websites like 9convert or Y2mate : This option works on most media. Don’t forget to go through the browser blocking ads to avoid being hit by incessant pop-ups.
  • Jailbreak son iPhone : Download apps from other installers Open access to all iOS features without security restrictions. Here is one This about that.

Browser extensions for downloading YouTube videos

First, this method does not work in Google Chrome. In fact, the various extensions you see above may not work for YouTube. For example Mozilla Firefox or Opera has no problem. There is a very large team. Most will show an extra button on your YouTube to download the video you watch. However, the options are very limited to MP4 with 360p or 720p. True, you can edit video up to 4K in WEBM format, but without the sound. In these extensions very similar, we recommend YouTube Video and Audio Downloader. It offers a huge range of resolutions and formats.

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Audio bitrate of music downloaded from YouTube

Whichever medium you use, most will offer different bitrate options for MP3s in kilobits per second (kbps or kbps). This value affects the file size and its audio quality. This is because a maximum bit rate of 320 kb / s generally delivers better sound than 128 kb / s or 256 kb / s. However, in this case, these download tools will take the basic audio from your video to 128 to 256 kb / s and artificially enhance it. This is calledIncrease. Some software allows you to identify this small web. In this screen shot of Fuckin ‘The Funk software, despite the fact that you are overweight, The first file was converted to 320 kb / s but 128 kb / s is still real. In conclusion, when you download music from YouTube, take the first option, not the ones above.

Using extra compression for MP3 also reduces the volume. To upgrade a file in this format, it is necessary to recreate one from its source with high bitrate.

Fake screen shot of funk software showing the actual bitrate of the audio file

Is it legal to download a YouTube video?

As for the site, this practice violates its Terms of Use : “Our Terms of Use prohibit downloading or copying videos without explicit authorization of the user”. Downloading copyrighted content, such as music or movie clips, can also be a problem for the copyright holder. However, You risk very little as long as your application is personal. In fact, the law does not explicitly prohibit this practice unless it serves commercial purposes. However, your favorite way to download videos will disappear. In 2017, Warner Bros. and Sony Music eventually shut down the site. It was a well-known tool for downloading music for free. Make no mistake, it has been replaced by others.

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What is the best format for downloading YouTube video?

The most practical for video is the universal MP4 because it can be read on most existing media. Conversely, to play a WEBM or MKV file from a smartphone, you need to download a compatible video player. As for audio formats, YouTube Video Download Tools only offers MP3. This is the most suitable audio format for this purpose.

Are YouTube Web Converters Safe?

The download links they provide to you are not dangerous. On the other hand, most show a lot of ads and annoying pop-up tabs. To avoid this embarrassment and any risk, enable Adblock or use a browser that blocks ads.

YouTube logo on red background