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How to download Windows 11 and 10, their installation ISOs in seconds?

How to download Windows 11 and 10, their installation ISOs in seconds?

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are provided as an update by Microsoft if the PC allows. This solution is simple and very transparent to the user. This is limited, which explains why there are so many alternatives, including ISO recovery.

These images allow you to burn to DVD to create installation media. The USB device can also be used as a USB stick. Are solutions for installing both OSes in virtual environments. Microsoft provides its own tool to recover these files.

However, this application only provides ISO images of the latest versions. For example, in a feature update, the tool will automatically grant access to this new version, but not to an earlier version of Windows. In addition, we cannot recover ISO images released as part of the “Insider” project. They are available but not in this tool.

Windows 10 and 11 and their installation ISOs

One solution to overcoming these restrictions is to go to the “TechBench” site. With a simple browser, this service works on any device and any operating system.

It requires no administrative rights, no registry and provides ISO images for multiple versions of both OSes. The list is not exhaustive, but the possibilities are numerous. Windows 11 has two buids 22000.194 and 22000.318, the choice for Windows 10 is very important.

The process boils down

  • Go to the website Technical Bench,
  • Select the one you want to download (Windows, Office …),
  • Specify the preferred version of Windows 10 or Windows 11,
  • Specify the desired language,
  • Then specify the desired configuration, usually x64.
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Just click download. File source: Microsoft servers.