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Come ascoltare musica su Apple Watch senza iPhone

How To Download Music From Spotify And Apple Music To Apple Watch

If you recently got an Apple Watch, which was probably turned down during the Christmas holidays and you are a music enthusiast, you will definitely appreciate the opportunity to listen to songs from your wrist without the help of an iPhone. Here’s how to listen to music on Apple Watch without iPhone.

First of all, it is good to note that the Apple Watch allows you to stream music and podcasts not only from Apple services such as Apple Music but also from popular sites such as Spotify. Used .. Obviously, if you want to stream music without the help of iPhone, you need to choose the Apple Watch model with data connection.

Fortunately, however, both Apple Music and Spotify (Premium) allow you to save music directly to your watch and then listen to it offline, regardless of whether you have an Apple Watch mobile model or not. In other words, by storing music on your Apple Watch on both GPS only and cellular, you can listen to it without the iPhone. Here’s how to do it.

How To Download Music On Apple Watch

Da Apple Music

If you are an Apple Music user, you can manage downloaded music through the Watch app installed on your iPhone. Open the app and go to the “Music” section. From here there is a button to add songs to the watch by voice Add music.

Moreover, aAutomatic download of recently listened albums and playlists, So you always have them on your wrist.

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From this screen you can easily select to save specific albums or playlists. Press the big button “+Check out the available Apple Music Library.

From here, after selecting the desired album, you have to press another button “+”Download the app on your watch.

However, it should be noted that the music exchange actually begins Only when charging the Apple Watch. Therefore, to make synchronization effective, it must be removed from the wrist and placed on the charging site.

From Spotify

First, it is good to know that the Spotify page is possible Store about 10 hours of music or more on the smartwatch The download limit for each playlist is equal to 50 songs. Also, it is not possible to download single songs, but at most you can download them by plugging them into the playlist.

How To Listen To Music On Apple Watch Without iPhone

So, here are the steps for listening to music on Apple Watch offline while using SpotFi. It’s even simpler, access and tap the album, playlist or podcast from your smartphone Icon with three dots.

This screen has the option to “Download to Apple Watch”, marked From the circle icon with the down arrow. After selecting it, you can access the “Download” section from your Apple Watch, where you can select the song that you want to listen to even without an iPhone and without an internet connection.

For all the tutorials on the Apple Watch directly, this is the direct follow-up link for all the guides on the iPhone and iPad starting from this page.

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