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How to download Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android devices: Step-by-step guide and cost (Image Credits:

How to Download Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android Devices: Step-by-Step Guide and Cost

Developed by Mojang Studios and released in May 2009, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games of all time. The Pocket Edition of the game was released in December 2016 for Android and iOS platforms.

Minecraft Pocket Edition allows users to play the sandbox game with their friends while on the go. In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to download Mincraft Pocket Edition at cost.

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How To Download Minecraft Pocket Edition On Android Devices

Minecraft on the Google Play Store
Minecraft on the Google Play Store

Players can download the Minecraft Pocket Edition directly from the Google Play Store. Follow the steps below to download the game:

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for ‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’ using the search bar.

Step 2: Many results appear on the screen. Click on the most relevant option. You can also click Here To visit the game’s Google Play Store page.

Step 3: Click on the Buy button. After successful payment, click on ‘Install’ button.

Step 4: Players can play and enjoy MinCraft after the download and installation process is complete.

Cost: The Minecraft Pocket Edition is currently priced at INR 479.56.

This is a serious offense so players should never engage in piracy and should always download the game from official sources. Downloading files from unknown third-party sites could put the file at risk for viruses (S) and malware.

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A ‘trial’ version of the game is also available on the Google Play Store, which players can try before purchasing the Pocket Edition.

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Published 18 October 2020, at 15:50 IST