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How to download and install voice chat mode near us

Popular mod players among us allow us to communicate with other players nearby via voice chat in the vicinity.

This mod between us is now available online for players, its creator is Automated (Ott Automated_ On Twitter). Once installed, players can start playing with us through the Grolling app and start playing with a nearby voice.

As a step-by-step guide on how to establish curling between us

To use the curling app, click first This link Find out where to download the app. Players may also consider watching the tutorial video above for added clarity.

The following is a step by step guide, which should be enough to get everyone playing between us through the nearest voice chat mode.

  • Download the latest .exe file [CrewLink-Setup-#.#.#.exe]
  • Install the rolling mode (note, this may be picked up by some antivirus software)
  • Get started with us through the Grolling Mode interface
  • Host or join a game

One final tip is that all players must use the mod on the server for the curling mode to work, so make sure all joining mods are installed.

Adjustment and other common problems

Modifying any game is usually a somewhat subtle process that can lead to a few problems. If the mod does not work or does not start, there may be some things to check.

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First, make sure everyone is running the latest version of Modin by checking for new releases, and make sure everyone is playing the latest non-beta patch with us. Next, plug in the microphone and keyboard for everyone and make sure it is detected by the mod.

Mode allows players to adjust certain options, including switching the connected voice server. The string of numbers that come with the mod is the modmaker’s own server, and it has a certain capability.

Any of us who are having trouble connecting or using that voice server can consider setting up their own voice server by following the plaque groups This link And scrolling down the steps.

This may involve installing other programs to install and run a personal voice server, but this should allow us to use the standard chat mode in the vicinity.

Posted 27 November 2020 04:17 AM