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How to control wild boar at Fortnight in Season 6?  - Breakflip

How to control wild boar at Fortnight in Season 6? – Breakflip

It is possible to control wild boar in the 6th season of Fort Knight! We explain how to do it.

Thanks EfcyLab For writing this article.

With the start of Season 6 Fortnight, Now you can see the animals in the game. Wolves, wild boars, chickens and frogs have invaded the environment and you can come in contact with them by killing or tapping them. However, some may be difficult to control!

We explain to you How to control wild boar in Fortnight, In season 6.

How to control wild boar in Fortnight?

Controlling a pig at Fortnight is not easy! This step is done in several steps and you can see it below:

  • Find a vegetable or fruit, By going to take the orchard for example
  • Find a pig You want to suppress. You can find them in a enclosure south of the massive crops
  • Once in front of the pig, Throw him cabbage
  • Wait Let him eat it, Then Get closer Wild boar
  • Press Contact key (computer power, etc.) To control it

Once, this pig will follow you everywhere and help you during the game. So this represents a very interesting advantage in typing animals in the game, especially since wild boars are strong and aggressive!

Where can I find wild boars in Fort Knight?

You will see wild boars in the places shown in the map below. However, their appearance is random, so pigs are not found in some places:

Location of wild boar in Fort Knight. (Credit: Fortnight.GG)