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How To Add Your Health Pass To Wallet App On Your iPhone

How To Add Your Health Pass To Wallet App On Your iPhone

Since 2012, iPhones have all integrated the digital wallet. Application Apple Wallet, As previously called Passbook, Allows you to combine your loyalty cards, transportation tickets, movie tickets or payment cards into a single application.
In some countries, this allows you to store official documents, such as an identity card or driver’s license. In today’s connected world, it is difficult to get more practical.

For several weeks, the Health Pass has been in effect in Europe. Designed to allow vaccinated individuals (or those with a negative PCR / antigen test) to access major events or trips, this certificate will soon be extended to a wide range of daily activities (leisure, culture, shopping centers, long distance transportation, restaurants, etc.). ).
If you own an iPhone and / or Apple Watch, you may want to add a digital copy of your Health Pass. Wallet, Which is completely possible.

Step 1: Collect your European Health Pass

First, you need to collect the European version of your Health Pass. In fact, if you retrieved your certificate a few months ago, it would definitely not apply Apple Wallet (The 2D-DOC format used by France does not work with the application, while the EU has chosen the most universal QR code format).

Go to the health insurance website ( Download the latest version of your Health Pass. The QR code top right This is similar to your European design vaccination certificate. Before moving on to the next step, you will need Zoom in on this QR code And Take a screen shot, Or of course print it.

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Step 2: Go through your Apple Wallet design

Unfortunately, to promote its application download Dows Antigovit, The French government does not automatically export Health Pass to Apple Wallet or Google Pay (which exists in other countries, but not France).
Fortunately, some volunteers have designed sites that can import your QR code into a .pkpass file, a format used by Apple.

There are many services, but we are going to recommend you Govtpass. Created by a German, it produces the Apple Wallet version of your HealthPass directly from your web browser without uploading your data to a server (page source code is available, if you wish to confirm).
It allows you to generate functional QR code on your iPhone or Apple Watch in seconds, readable by all companies affected by the Health Pass.

Click here to access Govtpass, we encourage you to do so with Safari on your iPhone

Once the Govtpass site arrives, tap Select the file Select a screenshot of the QR code you took. You can enable your iPhone’s camera to scan the QR code, for example, if you have printed it or displayed it on your computer screen.
Choose a background color – You can have fun with your pass! -, Accept the general terms of use.
All you have to do is press Add to Wallet. After a few seconds, Health Pass will be added to your iPhone wallet.

If you want, you can download several health passes (for example within the framework of a family). They will then be displayed side by side in the application.

Minor critical accuracy, by default, passes added to the application Apple Wallet You can access it from the locked screen of your iPhone without having to type in your password.
If this bothers you, you can disable this possibility in your terminal settings.
Another opportunity, like some tools Pass 2U Wallet Allows you to create your own vaccine certificates and restrict them to unopened iPhones. However, everything is easier than the site we recommend.

When you ask for your health pass in the future, all you have to do is Apple Wallet, Select your certificate and scan the code on the screen of your smartphone or watch. You no longer have to open the app TousAntiCovid Submit a screen shot every time or.