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How to add signatures to PDF?

Downloading and printing documents, and putting your signature on them, is a job you have to do today. Did you know that there are tools for signing PDFs electronically?


They allow you to save a considerable amount of time in executing your administrative tasks quickly and efficiently. Find them.

Create PDF signatures with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a widely used application for converting other files (Excel, Word, PPD, JPG, etc.) to PDF, opening, reading, converting, rearranging and compressing PDF documents. If the tool had built its reputation on the diversity of its functions, above all it would have been a tool for embedding electronic signatures in PDFs, which you will find today. In this regard, you can choose between two functions:

  • Filling out and signing PDFs;
  • Sends PDFs for electronic signature.

How to fill, sign and send PDF document?

The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC tool allows you to fill in the blank fields in the document, for example by adding your title, your first and last name, your company name or date, and the integrated information. Of the original document. This function mainly allows you to initialize and sign the previously completed or unfilled PDF document.

This can be done through a mobile application, software or browser (Google Chrome). Thanks to these versatile supports, you can create signatures in PDF from your phone, tablet or even your computer. Whatever the medium, keep in mind that the procedure is generally the same.

Steps to follow

Take the example of editing a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start the query in your web browser ” Sign the PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Also select the query that represents the Adobe page.
C:  Users  Barigah  Desktop  Screens  Capt1.png
  1. Click ” Free try “, Then” Select the file Upload PDF document. If this is your first time using the tool after downloading a file, you will be asked to sign in with your Facebook account, your Google account or your Gmail account. Once the account is taken, you will return directly to Adobe.
  1. If nothing else, you can go directly to the signature by clicking on the signature field. If this is the first time you’ve signed a contract, this action is “” Add initials “Where” Add signature .
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  1. First, enter your name and then edit as desired. You can change it by selecting the writing style of your choice.
  2. In the field reserved for signatures, draw with your mouse or type with your keyboard.
  3. If you have, insert a picture of your electronic signature. You need to import it from your computer or mobile device. In the latter case, enter your phone number in the “Mobile” box and click “Send”. You will get a link on your mobile and you have to click on it to launch it in your mobile browser. On the opening page, select the image of your signature.
  1. Once signed, it should be saved. Click ” To apply The signature or initials must be attached to the PDF document.
  2. Finish by clicking ” Click to sign You can send it by clicking on “.” To be continued .

Send PDFs for electronic signature

The Acrobat DC tool facilitates electronic sharing, monitoring and signing of documents. Recipients who send you PDF documents for signing will receive them no matter what changes you make. You must save the PDF file before sending it. What are the steps to follow in this case?

  1. Open the Acrobat Reader and click “Continue Later” Tools “And” Adobe ID “Where” Request signatures .
  2. Once Adobe Sign is open, go to the “Signature” field and add the email address of the recipient of the document to be sent.
  3. Field ” Subject and message », Replace the default text with the object of export. However, this step is completely optional.
  4. If the document is sent to multiple locations, Adobe DC provides the option to “Add CC” to attach email addresses.
  5. You also have the option of sending multiple PDF documents to sign at once. All you have to do is search for and select specific documents using the “Add Files” option.

Sign the PDF with SmallPDF

Within the range of tools for signing PDF documents, SmallPDF has become a benchmark. This choice location, utility is above all indebted to its security level.

Very safe application

SmallPDF integrates eSign system compliance with eIDAS legal standards and ISO 27001 standard for simple e-signatures, allowing documents to be signed electronically in a completely secure manner.

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In addition, it should be noted that all file transfers and connections through the application are protected by 256-bit TLS encryption. This is similar to a level of military security. This guarantees the confidentiality of your e-signature and official document against all risk of theft.

The security level of this tool is that the entire electronic signature process is done directly on the servers that host it. This way, all the uploaded files will be deleted from the servers after one hour. SmallPDF is therefore very suitable for professional use.

Compatible application with many operating systems

SmallPDF is available in the application version for use on a smartphone or tablet. However, the tool can be fully utilized in any browser on your mobile device. Similarly, the tool is available for computers running on Linux or Windows and for Mac. Launch it on your computer or your Mac’s browser. You do not need to download any software.

An application with many features

If you do not have to worry about securing your documents, now is the time to look at the features. In fact, the application is distinguished by the diversity of these tools.

Thanks to them, it is possible not only to sign electronic documents, but also to invite third parties to co-sign. It also includes features for creating initials and signatures. How to use SmallPDF?

Create an electronic signature with SmallPDF

  1. Open the application and download the document from your computer.
  1. Click ” தா கையெழுத்து Add your signature. A window opens with three signature options: “Draw”, “Enter” or “Download”.
  1. If you choose ” To design », If you are using a tablet or computer, a window will open allowing you to draw with the stylus with the mouse. It is possible to change the style of the signature and its color.
  1. If you choose ” Hold on », You can enter your name on the keyboard. It is possible to change the style of the signature and its color.
  1. You will not choose ” Download Only if you already have a photo of the electronic signature. You just have to download it and check it out.
  1. When all changes have been made, click “Create Signature” to save it.
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You can add this signature to all your PDF documents. As Pro subscribers, you have the option of storing your digital signatures in the app. The tool entitles you to 3 free trials.

Sign the PDF document with SmallPDF

  1. Open the SmallPDF tool in your browser by providing the query Sign the PDF with the free online electronic signature “. Click the search result that links to the SmallPDF site.
C:  Users  Barigah  Desktop  Screens  Capture 1.png
  1. On the opening page, you will be taken directly to the option “. Signed “Click to download the file.” Select the file “. Import PDF document to SmallPDF tool from your phone, tablet or computer.
C:  Users  Barigah  Desktop  Screens  Capture 2.png
  1. Click ” தா கையெழுத்து Add your signature. This will take you directly to the new window. Here you can create your own signature and then save it.
C:  Users  Barigah  Desktop  Screens  Capture 3.png
  1. Place the electronic signature on the document where desired.
C:  Users  Barigah  Desktop  Screens  capture 4.png
  1. In the window that opens, select one of three options. Change one of the 3 pre-defined styles. You can also change the color of the signature.
  2. Once the changes are made, click on ” Create signature Check for changes. Verified signature will appear instead of “automatically” தா கையெழுத்து “. It can be included in the document.
C:  Users  Barigah  Desktop  Screens  Capture 5.png
  1. All you have to do is ” Finish and sign », Then download the file.
C:  Users  Barigah  Desktop  Screens  Capture 8.png

Unlike Adobe Reader DC, SmallPDF does not allow you to send signed documents directly. You must first download them and then add them as links. On the other hand, it is quite possible to change the document by adding text.

Edit PDF with SmallPDF

Signature creation and electronic document signing are not the only features of this tool. In fact, it can also be used to edit PDF documents. For example, SmallPDF allows you to enter the requested information, such as your first and last name and the date of signing the document, if it is a form to be completed.

C:  Users  Barigah  Desktop  Screens  Capture 6.png
C:  Users  Barigah  Desktop  Screens  Capture 7.png

desire ” Change the text “Where” Change the date “Once the changes are complete, you can finalize and upload the signed document.