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Amianto nel ballast e nel suolo

How to act according to the law

Assembly structure and how to intervene

Asbestos in ballast and soil.

In some cases, the need for asbestos correction in stability and soil arises. Pollution of the environmental matrix is ​​of particular interest, and today it is higher than ever. This is due to the impact on the environment and health. When? For example, when looking at events that are exposed for a long time, even at low concentrations.

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Cases that fall within the scope of this interest may indicate the presence of asbestos in land already occupied by industrial activity, but the stability produced by crushing rocks or crushed stone or natural or still used on railway shores.

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The Soil pollution This is a direct consequence of being in the area of ​​industrial activity – in the past – such as burying asbestos-containing materials. Soil contaminants are mainly derived from human settlements (industrial processes, mining activities, domestic and commercial waste deposits) from past uses of the area. Many contaminants that should be considered primarily include heavy metals: organic compounds such as asbestos and dioxins.

In Stabilize caseOn the other hand, asbestos pollution is the result of the precise selection of those who design and build railroad tracks using green stones with asbestos fibers.

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Both of these phenomena (formerly industrial areas and ballast) have a direct impact on both environmental protection front and hygiene-sanitary nature. Therefore, for the necessary interventions, proper management of the repair is required and it is necessary to move a large amount of contaminated soil and crushed stone. To learn how, content created by the original city of Turin is an indispensable information tool that can be downloaded for free by clicking the button below.

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