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How much does a naughty dog ​​game cost?

How much does a naughty dog ​​game cost?

One of the largest visual and emotionally charged video game products of the last generation consoles, as well as one of the largest positively received video games received by critics and viewers – the result recently testified Sports Award registration for The Lost of S2.

We always need a product of this size within the era Massive financial allocation The game should be dedicated to different stages of perception: concept, script, development, motion capture, dubbing and, finally, realization of the actor’s performance in the global marketing campaign, such as categorizing the months prior to release. Our last part 2. The latest masterpiece shot by Naughty Dog Guys is a product that excels in each of the aforementioned genres, allowing actors to fully immerse themselves in their character, with a stunning graphic component never seen before on the previous generation console (and, in most cases, not even on a gaming computer) and the rest Dubbing up the quality of the game.

Of course, to achieve such high production quality Sony had to invest a lot of time and money in this project: Growth actually required 7 years Total jobs, years of course increased the overall cost of the work. Although no official information has been released to date on the budget to realize that the Japanese company has been highly appreciated exclusively by past generations, an approximate estimate can be made based on it. Time spent on development, The Number of persons involved And product and final quality Techniques used.

So let’s start with the number of people involved in the project: the fact that developers and technicians have worked on The Lost of S Part 2 many times in the past has been talked about. More than 2,000, Naughty Dog, Main Studio, and 13 different secondary studies Called to collaborate to reduce time and speed up the process. Using a few interviews and credits at the end of the game, we can say that the total number of people who worked and contributed to the development of The Lost of S Part 2 is now Over 2300, Including about 2200 developers and 150 actors and voice actors: a decisively impressive number, which only contributed to the dramatic increase in development costs.

It is necessary to consider the number of years following development, which is as good as previously mentioned 7 years, And the final quality of the product was the highest from every point of view, both technical and performance. Based on the budget information allocated for other products of the last generation, we can make a final estimate of how much our last part 2 will cost. For example Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain Cost It is easy to guess that a project like The Lost of S Part 2 might have been needed, with about $ 80 million and very few people in the 3-4 year production cycle Budget of about 100 million, A large sum for an open-world non-game, but it will certainly be reimbursed for the extraordinary feedback received from the public by the game.

However, an attempt was not considered How much of our last 2 sold out, One of the most acclaimed and popular games of recent years.

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