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How do I get my QR code and my health if I am vaccinated in France or abroad?

How do I get my QR code and my health if I am vaccinated in France or abroad?

The Health Pass will be extended to culture and leisure from July 21 and then to bars, restaurants and malls in early August. How do I get it? What are the different scenarios? In this article #OnYouAnswer.

Health pass is now mandatory in many places: bars, restaurants, shopping centers, cultural venues and leisure … but how to recover precious sesame? What about the errors in the health insurance website to download it? Do those who have been vaccinated abroad have a right to it?

The announcements of President Emmanuel Macron prompted you to ask us a number of questions. To help you see more clearly, we responded to it!

Practical Questions: Recover QR Code, Overcome Errors …

How do I get my QR code?


Sign in Health insurance website You can access your vaccination certificate with the QR code valid in France and the European Union. Any healthcare professional can print it for you.

Then, you need to scan the QR code on the right, which allows you to add a certified vaccine certificate to the TousAntiCovid application.

Will the French QR code established on March 31, 2021 be valid for travel within the EU?


To travel within the EU, you must download the new QR code, which has been in effect since July 1, 2021. Nothing could be simpler: sign in On the health insurance website Download it. This is also valid in France.

Hello, I received two doses of the Govt vaccine. After the second dose, I received a document containing the scanned QR code in the TousAntiCovid application. The problem is, this QR code indicates that 1 out of 2 vaccines has improved. what to do?


If I give you the vaccine “Vaccine Summary“, You have to wait a few days and re-emphasize the vision service.

If he does not give you anything, reconnect after a short delay, because some vaccines integrate the vaccine information into the Govt vaccine kit several days later. You can approach your doctor or pharmacist to ask him or her to check your second injection record on the instrument.

If the site indicates that no vaccine has been registered, you should return to the health professional who vaccinated you.

My husband had Govt in November. He had a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. Why is it not written in this Health Pass that it is not completed?


Medicare explains that the “vaccine cycle is active” is “displayed” when the person is presentHe signed with Govit-19 and got the first level“, You have to go”A health professional (physician, pharmacist, midwife, nurse) who can access the Govt Vaccine Telescope service“.

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To do this, remember to bring a positive result of your RT-PCR test (between 3 and 6 months). The health expert on the Govt vaccine will indicate that the vaccine cycle is over. The certificate is thus renewed.

I had Covit-19, so a dose of the vaccine, how is it for the health pass?


If you have Covit-19 and the dose of the vaccine, your vaccine cycle is considered over. You can download the Vaccine Certificate that acts as a Health Pass Amelie on the site It will be provided where requested.

I lost my vaccination documents, how to get my health pass?


If you have lost your vaccination documents, do not panic! You are usually listed on health insurance. You can go On their site It also acts as a health pass to download your certificate.

To make your job easier and to avoid cluttering a sheet every time, you can scan the QR code to the right of the TousAntiCovid app and deliver it where needed.

Coming to France as a foreigner or leaving the EU as a resident

I would love to see my children living with their mother in Germany, France… I am Canadian, completely vaccinated, I have a French passport, which is invalid for nine years and a French ID card for two or more years. Three years Will I have any difficulties or obligations to come? (Proof of vaccination with QR in Canadian passport and pocket in order …)


Explains that those who have been vaccinated abroad must bring a vaccination certificate with a complete immunization schedule from their country of residence when boarding in France. French Embassy in Canada.

In your case, there will be no difficulty in coming to France, especially since Canada is on the green list of countries. You do not even have to undergo a PCR or antigen test.

However, if you are not vaccinated, “You can only travel to France if you have a compelling reason to do so“You will need a PCR test”Antigen testing performed in less than 72 hours per flight or less than 48 hours per flight“.

I am a Frenchman, taking a flight to Croatia every two weeks at the Belgian airport. I have a European QR code. Do I need another document?


As explained Belgian Foreign MinistryYou must have an EU digital certificate to travel from EU member states to Croatia. “Negative result of PCR test less than 72 hours or negative result of rapid antigenic test for COVID-19 less than 48 hours from sample“Or Vaccine Certificate”For those who have received two doses of the vaccine used in the European Union (Pfizer, Moderna, Astrogeneka, Kamalea, Sinoform) not exceeding 210 days“.

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So you can go to Croatia without additional documents. However, it should be noted that entry conditions do not change in the meantime with the progress of the delta variation. All information in real time Available on the website of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hello, I will be doing my 2nd dose of Govit-19 vaccine on August 6th. Will my health pass be valid to board the train on August 7 or will I need to have a PCR test?


For the vaccination schedule to be considered complete, it is necessary to wait 14 days after the second dose. Report health insurance. So, if you leave the day after your second injection, you should have a negative PCR test (or antigen according to the specific symptoms for each target).

On the other hand, if your visit occurs after 14 days, you do not have to do any testing. Your vaccination certificate will suffice in the form of a QR code.

Hello, I’m from the Belgian border and go there in 10 minutes to buy tobacco. Do I need to have a PCR test or a QR code? Thanks.

Lucy L.M.R.

I have to get a cigarette in early August on the Belgian border. Do I need to bring a health pass?

Beautiful day

If you are a border crosser and you are going to Belgium for some shopping or work, no PCR test or QR code required, please let us know. Belgian Diplomatic Website.

They don’t even have to fill out a passenger location form. “For less than 48 hours in Belgium“.

Vaccine Abroad: Instructions for use

Can my vaccination certificate (made in Israel with QR code) be used as a Health Pass in France outside the EU?


Hello. I was vaccinated in the United States (full vaccination from April). How to benefit from Health Pass in France? Thanks in advance.


For complete vaccination abroad, even with a vaccine approved by France, “If the complete vaccination cycle has been carried out abroad, a certified vaccination certificate cannot be issued“.

At this point, “Only evidence of vaccination carried out in France is included in the Covid vaccine telecommunications service, making it possible to issue a certified vaccine certificate“.

However, “Evidence for vaccination provided by third parties can be read if the ability to work with the country concerned is effective“To enter where the sanitary pass is required, you must bring proof of a negative PCR or antigen test done in France.

I was vaccinated in Portugal and am currently in France. How to get a health pass?


If you have been vaccinated in an EU member country, the European Vaccine Certificate will allow you to access places that require a health pass in France.

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In fact, the certificate is valid in all 27 member states.

I received 2 doses of Chinese synoform vaccine abroad, I live in France. What do I need to do to master my health?


Since the synoform vaccine is not approved in France, you cannot apply for a health pass. Guidance advice on vaccination strategy Explains no “Clinical efficacy data for unauthorized vaccines in France“.

To learn more about the evolution of the situation, do not hesitate to call Dos Antigov on 0800 087 148, and above all, be diligent! Lines complete from Emmanuel Macron’s July 12, 2021 announcement.

For those who have received a complete immunization schedule with the synoform vaccine or the synovial vaccine, they may be considered protected.“, But it does not provide recognition and a health pass.

I was vaccinated in Romania, so an EU country, so I have a European Health Pass, but I am not recognized as a vaccinated citizen in France. Should I contact health insurance or is the European QR code sufficient to declare my vaccine?


You do not need to contact health insurance. From the moment you are issued the European QR code you are considered to be vaccinated in all 27 member states of the European Union.

Hello, I had my first Pfizer vaccine on June 24 in London. I live in London, but I came to spend the summer in France. If I get my second vaccine in France, will I get a health pass?


It is quite possible to get your second dose in France after receiving the first overseas of the four vaccines currently approved in France (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson).

Health insurance website The vaccine explains that “the 1st dose received can be recorded, then the 2nd dose vaccinated” and “he may decide to register for the 2nd injection 1st vaccine before the vaccine cycle closes”.

You must have supporting documents for the first injection carried out abroad. “These conditions should be assessed on a case-by-case basis by vaccination.“, Refers to Amelie.