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Le «certificat européen» sera mis en place au 1er juillet dans les pays de l’Union plus quatre états de l’espace Schengen. PHOTO PHILIPPE PAUCHET

How do I download my European Health Pass for travel?

The “European Certification” will be implemented on July 1 in the Union Territories and in four states in the Schengen area. Photo by Philip Bassett

The European Health Pass Also known as the “Govt Certificate” or “Green Certificate”, it will be implemented within the EU on July 1. This allows them to travel more freely in the Union countries, and four places outside the EU, members of the Schengen area: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Tourists who present this to competent authorities will not be subjected to health restrictions (tests, isolations, etc.).

In France, those who have already been vaccinated can download it from June 25. But everyone can do this by Thursday.

What documents must be provided to keep it?

This digital or paper document certifies immunity in three different ways:

– Negative PCR test less than 72 hours or antigenic test less than 48 hours.

– or by certifying the complete vaccination cycle, Usually two doses or one dose Covit (or if you are receiving the Jansen vaccine) or even three medications if you are immunocompromised. As a reminder, it is necessary to wait two weeks for the second injection of Pfizer-Bioentech, Moderna, Astrogeneneka vaccines, two weeks after single injection in patients already suffering from Govt disease and four weeks after the Johnson injection.

– or with a certificate of relief (Positive test less than six months of age and over two weeks.

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How to get it?

You can download it here Health insurance website Dedicated to the vaccine against Govit-19. You can print it out or scan the QR code received with the application TousAntiCovid, In the “Notebook” tab. Your European passport will be stored in QR code format on your smartphone.

Attention, all full vaccinated people Before June 24th The vaccination certificate they receive must be “transferred” directly to the health insurance website.

Is it mandatory?

No, traveling is not mandatory, but it makes the process easier. You can travel without, but you still have to comply with existing health rules (trials, isolations …) to get to the region.

What personal information does it contain?

It contains the necessary information, such as your first and last name, date of birth, place of residence and your proof of immunity or negative. As for the digital version, a kind of gateway allows customs and airport services to access this data from time to time, but the authorities cannot keep them.

As for the paper version, it is best to fold the sheet and display only the QR so as not to show your personal data to the controller.


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