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How do I delete a Google Account?

How do I delete a Google Account?

How to delete Google Account on PC?

A Google Account refers to a number of services of a named company. This could be, for example, Google Drive or Gmail. Deleting a Google Account will not benefit you from these tools. We may also mention the loss of saved photos, contacts and usernames, not the end of paid subscriptions.

To back up your personal data, go to the Account Management page and then to “Manage your data and personalization” and “Download your data”. You can begin the process of deleting your Google Account from your computer. This applies to both PCs and Macs because the manipulations are done from online account settings, not from the operating system.

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Remove Google Account from computer

Follow these steps to delete your Google Account:

  • Enter your personal username and password;
  • Go to your Google Account preferences;
  • Distinguish between the “data and privacy” function;
  • Click the “Download, delete or plan the future of your data” submenu.

Below uploading your data and scheduling an account, select “Service or Delete Account”. As its name implies, you can choose to delete your Google Account or related service. In the latter case, the account is active to continue to benefit from other tools and applications.

If you want complete and permanent removal, make sure the information displayed on the screen is correct. Check the confirmation boxes and click “Delete Account”. An alternative is to go to the “More Options” tab of the “Data and Privacy” function.

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Restore your Google Account after deletion

Deleting a Google Account requires carrier support time. If you want to change your mind, there are a few hours to recover from it. Meet at Account recovery page. Then you need to enter your username and password. This simple linking process automatically reactivates your Google Account and its associated services. This procedure does not work, so it is necessary to create a new Google Account.

How to Delete Google Account on Phone?

To remove a Google Account from a smartphone, follow the procedure outlined above. However, access options and naming systems differ from standard operating systems such as Windows or macOS from mobile devices running Android or iOS. It is also advisable to back up your personal data in advance to avoid irreparable loss.

Delete Google Account from Android smartphone

Deleting your Google Account from your Android smartphone is as follows:

  • Go to your phone settings;
  • Tap “Passwords and Accounts” or, if wrong, “Users and Accounts”;
  • Uncheck the “Accounts” section and select the relevant Google Account;
  • Verify the process by selecting “Delete Account” and then pressing the “OK” button.

If you have only one Google Account on your smartphone, the system will prompt you to enter additional information, such as your personal password. This is an additional security measure to prevent any manipulative error or fraud in deleting your Google Account. Be careful not to confuse this process with the simple disconnection of your Google Account.

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Remove Google Account from iOS Smartphone

The following steps are required to remove a Google Account from your iOS smartphone:

  • Go to your iPhone’s “Settings” menu;
  • Select the “Passwords and Accounts” submenu;
  • Tap the Google (or Gmail) account you want to remove;
  • Complete the process with “Delete Account”.

Before this last step, you have the opportunity to adjust the synchronization and settings of related services such as email, contact lists, calendar or notes.

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