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Hori Announces Adorable Line Of Pikachu-Themed Nintendo Switch Accessories

Hori Picasso-themed Nintendo Switch Announces Adorable Line of Jewelry

Hori has announced something new Pokemon Picachu-themed accessories Nintendo Click. The company has previously announced something new PokemonThemed items worldwide in October.

Picasso products are officially licensed products with Nintendo. The first item is the “pop” style grip controller. The design is bright yellow with the name “Picachu” on the left and the image of the character on the right. The “Cool” design changes color with black and yellow accents.

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The grip is attached to a regular Nintendo switch, where the Joy-Cons usually goes. The grip controller is designed to be comfortable for players to play for a long time. Each controller has an additional rear button that players can customize, and a “quick-fire” button on the front.

The new grip controller option is part of the previously released Picasso Pop and Cool series, which was released in July. Items include the Nintendo Switch Controller, wire earrings with mic, cases, headphones over the ear, and several cases for the conventional switch and switch light.

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The company has also announced new switch ornaments with different designs for the holiday season. The black and gold design is similar to the “Cool” Picasso design, but includes both sizes of switch screen stand, joy-con controllers and switch controllers.

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Another design brings Picasso and EV together in a mint green, pink and brown design. This particular design is shown only for the grip controller and the conventional wire controller.

Hori showed off the new switch and switch light case designs in a variety of colors Pokemon letters. There are plenty of designs to choose from, especially if players are looking for a new suit for a holiday trip or a complimentary gift for someone who gets a Nintendo Switch.

Designs vary by region. Players outside of Japan cannot easily buy pop and cool designs. The That The US company has announced that their new holiday tax is available to order through Amazon or its official website. Designers began shipping this month.

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