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Home: Plugin for ART Texas and NDR Channels

Home: Plugin for ART Texas and NDR Channels

The new “ART News” plugin is now available for the MyRabyte frontface digital signage and kiosk software. It replaces the old Taekwondo plugin. FrontFace customers in Germany who are eligible for updates can download and use it for free.

Selection of various channels in the “ARD News” plugin (Image: Mirabyte)

The new plugin offers a variety of news channels from ARD and NDR — including shortcode video clips and, in addition to current news, including talk show news, and a fullscreen video feed. Daily news weather and various NDR regional channels for Germany are also available, for example “NDR Hamburg”, “NDR Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania”, “NDR Lower Saxony” or “NDR Schleswig-Holstein”. New channels will be added gradually.

The “ART News” plugin automatically supports visual portrait format – for example steels – and the classic 16: 9 natural format. The plugin is currently available for the Windows version of Frontface. Mirabyte has already announced support for the Android version in the future.

Daily news weather is also available.  (Image: Mirabyte)
Daily news weather is also available. (Image: Mirabyte)

You can download the plugin from the “Licenses & Downloads” section of the customer account on the MyRabyte website. Free registration with NDR is required before starting. Customers who already use the old Tagesschau plugin can use their access data to the new “ARD Messages” plugin. In this case, you do not need to register again.

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