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Hollow Infinite: New 4K 60 FPS Video Play Released |  Xbox One

Hollow Infinite: New 4K 60 FPS Video Play Released | Xbox One

Is 5 days from the start of multiplayer The halo is infinite Available to all subscribers Xbox Game Boss We can say that the excitement created by the Halo franchise remains the same. The withdrawal of this primary license for the Xbox during the brand’s 20 years is the code, and the other area players are now waiting for is the campaign. The latter comes on December 8, the official release date of Hollow Infinite. However, Xbox Era YouTube Channel Has released several videos describing the first works of the next Opus.

Great view of the open world of the Zeta halo

Campaign videos abound now. They allow us to get a better idea of ​​what awaits us in Hollow Infinite’s single player mode, which has taken a turn by integrating RPG properties into its formula. Visual rendering, dynamic gamble and the fact that it moves freely over an entire halo will be a major strength of this 14th title in the Hollow series.

These different juices make the Zeta halo, its foundations or freely orbiting and detection function of outposts. If you want to avoid spoilers and get a real experience by discovering the game, we advise you to skip these videos. Multiplayer already exists and especially meets A big hit on Steam. In addition, 343 industries are currently being repaired Errors and worries encountered in the game .

The full game will be released on December 8 on the Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One and PC, and on the first day on the Xbox Game Pass.

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