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Hollow Infinite: Multiplayer beta frame rate test

Hollow Infinite: Multiplayer beta frame rate test

The Hollow Infinite multiplayer beta is slowly but surely coming to an end (and we enjoyed this trial period). 343 Industries seems to have a real firecracker in the oven and was able to convince more and more Hollow fans and Xbox players at every stage of the game.

Of course, the multiplayer technology test was also used to perform a frame rate test. Although all Xbox consoles have been tried and the Xbox Series X Quality Mode is set to 60 fpsi stone, there are still obvious fluctuations in performance with 120 fps. This also applies to other consoles.

However, this is a test version of Hollow Infinite, which makes no sense about the final version on December 8, 2021. Sleek adjustment will only come later. Nevertheless, one can roughly estimate the areas in which 343 businesses should work. The most important thing at this time is that the game is working and fun. In addition, it should be clear that Hollow Infinite has graphically improved a decent hoe compared to the demo since 2020.

If you want to count some more FPS peas, you can watch the following video:

Digital Foundry Hollow took Infinity to its chest:

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