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Hollow Infinite shows the many nuances of the Zeta ring |  Xbox One

Hollow Infinite Beta: New map and better bots available on the Xbox One

Although a somewhat complicated start, the first flight testHollow is infinite Selected Hollow Insiders can now be safely accessed. If they can find yesterday’s live fire card and low volume bots, 343 Industries indicates that today’s project changes the content of the preview. Spartans, so it’s time to get back into service and kill some AI!

Recharge card and ODST bots make their debut

343 Industries shared some funny information through the Halo Twitter page. We learn specifically that 1.2 million bots were killed yesterday, but we also learn who killed the most, who won the most games, and which team won the fastest. The availability of a new map of rechargeable, but more difficult ODST bots will certainly be of great interest to insiders. Note that Live Fire is still operational.

This program modification already works for Hollow Insiders. The third and final card, Bazaar, will be available at 7pm French time on Monday at the end of the flight test. For the following three people who did not follow everything, you can find all the information below to download the preview of Hollow Infinite.

Hollow Infinite Beta (Technology Preview) is live! Here’s how to download it