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Here's how to recover it

Here’s how to recover it

After the huge success of the Flash 120, Iliad encountered a technical problem. The network disappears but there is a trick to get it back.

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It was the undeniable star of the Iliad Summer, whose Flash 120 sparked the interest of all mobile phone users and forced other major competitors to adapt to the most popular advertising. On the contrary, The French operator was even able to overcome the adaptive defect The blocked offer allows even those who are already customers to switch to the convenient campaign launched during the warm season. Once the excitement is over, there is now a problem that affects many users to deal with.

There have been numerous reports of some small ances in the data network, which have been misreported in recent hours. According to customer reports, the network disables itself, effectively allowing only voice program access. In practice, If you receive WhatsApp notifications, But emails, message alerts and any other notes, the phone can not show it. A problem that Iliad noticed, but with an “official” resolution pending, could be avoided with a simple but effective trick accessible to all.

Iliad, The Lost Network: How to Solve the Problem

This often happens at night. The operator’s data network disables itself, preventing customers from accessing Internet services. Make no mistake about it, most people sleep at night, but there are also those who, for various reasons, need to stay awake and access their network for work. Further, The problem can also occur during the day, Complicating it further. Initially, there was a suspicion that there was a bug in the smartphones but the advancement of Asa comfort charcoal rejected this hypothesis. However, it did not take long to develop a quick and effective recovery system until the problem was resolved.

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If we encounter a problem, all we have to do is follow the simple steps, with an Android or iOS device, carelessly. If the data connection fails, it is necessary to enable “flight” mode for about thirty seconds. When disabled, In fact the operator will “duty” itself (Iliad in this case) Search the network, nine out of ten, accessible again. A little trick, obviously, has succeeded. Of course, the wait is about the full explanation of the difficulty: it will be for the operator who has achieved so much success in solving the problem and clarifying its nature.