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Here is the video of the official circuits released by Sony -

Here is the video of the official circuits released by Sony –

Gran Turismo7 Returns to show something new Video diary On Circuits, This method was officially spread by Sony on its social channels, leading to its removal after its first appearance by a leak.

This is one of the videos that came out before its time last week and is now released in official form in all its glory. The video has been re-commented with the words Kasunori Yamauchi, As the director of Gran Turismo 7, is the common thread for all the latest videos released so far.

The video titled “Tracks” focuses precisely on the tracks, i.e. the rounds in which players are invited to compete within the Grand Tourism 7. As Yamawuchi explains, Polyphony Digital uses a system. Laser scanning High precision to capture any aspect of the actual circuit, and then it can be recreated in 3D by the game engine.

The creator of this series, the status of the Gran Turismo 7 Realism It is “stable”, taking into account weather conditions, lighting and variations used between different weather agents.

Yamavuchi said it was his favorite song Nürburgring, The famous German circuit that represents a kind of mecca for car enthusiasts, in which the director is personally actually even involved in racing.

Two days ago, following the presentation of various features of the Gran Turismo 7, a trailer dedicated to car tuning was released.

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