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Here is the tool to install Windows 11 on non-compatible PCs in a couple of clicks

Here is the tool to install Windows 11 on non-compatible PCs in a couple of clicks

Any PC enthusiast knows Rufus, One of the most reliable and effective tools Creating Boot Drivers. With the portable tool, users can create a CD, DVD, or even a stick and temporarily install an operating system on their computer, whether it is a Windows or any Linux distribution. Also, the latest beta version just released introduces a very interesting novelty.

Rufus 3.16 BetaIn particular, it has been updated to Installation Mode for Windows 11 “Extended”, Extended. As mentioned in the description of the mode, it allows you to disable all tests that the operating system uses to determine its compatibility with Windows 11. In other words you can using the boot loader in extended mode Install Windows 11 on incompatible computers.

Rufus allows you to install Windows 11 even on incompatible computers

From I Windows 11 requirements Users are less tolerant RPM 2.0 e Safe start, Since the establishment of the new calculation they are simply many systems that are obsolete in terms of computational power. Rufus’ extended method allows them to be passed in two clicks, although this time you can only see it in beta release, Available on the official website “In other versions”.

Once the correct release has been downloaded, it is required Download Windows 11 ISO Image Create a boot loader with the usual small tool. There Extended method Can be checked in the box “Image Option” After selecting the ISO operating system in the boot check box. Once the driver is created, the OS can be installed without the current restrictions.

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Basic Warning: Install Windows 11 on incompatible computers A procedure that Microsoft allows, But only Warning of risks involved. In fact, users may not get all the security updates on their computer, which could be vulnerable to some exploits in the future.