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Here is the new announcement to download to go to Corsica

Here is the new announcement to download to go to Corsica

From Saturday, travelers to Corsica will be required to present a new notice announcing that they have undergone a negative PCR screening test for Covit-19. Document for download here.

From February 6 to March 7, all people traveling to Corsica must provide the transportation company with their respectful notice. Less than 72 hours before departure, RT-PCR test results must be submitted by 11-year-olds and older. Low-performance antigenic tests are no longer taken into account.

Download the notice of honor here.

Keep in mind that road carriers are exempt from testing for travelers coming from Corsica and traveling less than 24 hours across the continent, regardless of the reason for their trip. However, the latter undergo an RT-PCR test within 7 days of their trip.

Checks once in Corsica

The ARS states that in addition to the checks made by the transportation company during boarding, checks may be made on the island. “To ensure the proper use of these measures”.

“Proof of completion of the RT-PCR test must be kept throughout the stay in Corsica. Passengers visiting the island may be requested by the police on their return. Continent.”.

“The rule is clear, there will be no tolerance”

Luke Pereni

For its part, Air Corsica is ready to make these new restrictions. “The rule is clear: there will be no tolerance, Its chairman Luke Pereni responded. On a business basis, we’ll be free to re-evaluate their ticket so they can organize themselves, and if passengers ever get caught unknowingly go for a check in the next few days. “.

Ahead of the February holiday, tourist arrivals are still uncertain considering the progress of the epidemic.

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