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"He thought it would make a difference in B."  And he goes to Turkey for Mancini

“He thought it would make a difference in B.” And he goes to Turkey for Mancini

Mario Palotelli’s football underworld continues slowly and unavoidably: in 5 years he has passed from Milan to Adana Demirsbor (although it is not yet official), the newly promoted club on Turkey’s top flight. No one knows the reasons for not updating, and Kalliani has limited himself to explaining that he has decided to allow himself to start at the Mansa parameter 0.

Palotelli All’Adana Demirspor

“We have almost reached an agreement with Palotelli, we can say we’re 85%. Mario wants to come to us,” he said. Coming to Turkey next week. If we see an agreement, he will wear our shirt. “, The President explainedAdana Demirspor. Super Mario has selected a team where he is sure to play starter to convince Mancini to call him back inside. National For the 2022 World Championships in Qatar. In a small league, do we firmly believe that the risky choice is the right choice to attract the attention of the Italian coach?

Meanwhile he talked about Palodelli Christian Brochi, A former Monza coach, explained the reasons for the failure: “This is always Mario, a guy I like. We have known each other for many years. He came to him in a new reality, In Serie B he thought it would always make a difference. One ball was enough for Mario to score, and that was true. But there is a lot of competition in B, There were also some difficulties commanded by some Injuries that initially affected him. He gave us a big hand, he scored six goals and his value was not in question“. Does the eleventh attempt to update Super Mario start in Turkey?”

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