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HDD?  SSD?  Which storage is the most reliable?  (Inside Part Answer)

HDD? SSD? Which storage is the most reliable? (Inside Part Answer)

Reports from Spine, A company that specializes in online storage, will always be very impressive. But the next step is to step back because it compares the failure rates of SSDs and hard drives at different times.

The company has actually updated a portion of the disks used to launch servers in 2018, while the prices of SSDs are falling sharply. Further analysis begins, the opposite of a very old hard disk. Therefore, the figures are considered considering the age of the products; But it will be interesting to see the evolution of statistics for SSDs in a couple of years.


Because currently, curves for hard disks and SSDs do not start exactly the same way, with a lower percentage. On the other hand, we can base other statistics on getting a little idea.

The company compares the 1626 SSD with the average seniority of 14.2 months hard disks for Q2-2021, while the average seniority in 1297 Q4 2017 is 14.3 months, which is very close. For SSDs, the failure rate is 1.38% for hard drives compared to 1.05%. But as we said, in a few months, we will be more perspective if not for many years.

For those interested in numbers, go to the source to find the full report.

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