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Walheim, tried new survival and landed in tested steam

HD Texture Pack Available, Updating Mode 255 Settings –

Walheim It’s one of the most successful games of early 2021, but it’s not a complete game, it’s not perfect. At a graphic level, for example, it has some limitations. However, now, the motor “aC0C0NUT” has released a new one HD Texture Pack that upgrades approximately 255 settings Survival game. The mod weighs in at about 1.2GB.

Walheim’s HD Texture Back Mode also fixes some issues related to fog. The textures are all in 2K and the quality difference is significant: Below is an example with a comparison between old and new green systems. If you have the ability to introduce these systems to your computer without loss of performance, there is no reason not to use them.

Here System types Modified Wallheim:

  • Grass
  • trees
  • Shrubs and bushes
  • Elements of wooden buildings
  • Elements of stone buildings
  • Fraudulent equipment (except for the black anvil because the motor system does not detect the map)
  • Swords (iron, silver, black metal)
  • Armor (above them is the motor logo, non-logo versions will be released in the future, you can remove them and retrieve the originals / CustomTexture folder)
  • Iron shield
  • Silver armor
  • Paddle shield
  • Troll hideout
  • Lifeboat
  • Nave
  • Clothes
  • Green and black banners

You can find Wallheim Mode Nexus Mode.

Finally, we point out that Walheim has reached 6 million copies in 6 weeks, with the first details about the big update Heart and Home here.

Walheim: Comparison of systems