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Haute-Garonne: What is this bug that prevents La Banque Poste from accessing customers' accounts?

Haute-Garonne: What is this bug that prevents La Banque Poste from accessing customers’ accounts?

La Banque Poste customers have been unable to access their accounts for several days. Questioned? A bug in Certicod+, a security tool for accessing and protecting bank transactions.

“Everything seems to be back to normal. It’s been a week! “, Certicode+ has not been in use since Friday, Claire was angry, unable to connect to the Banque poste app. “For several days, I could not verify any purchase on the Internet without notification from Certicode +”, lamented Claudine. Or even Julian describes it as “impossible to transfer from his CCP to his account”.
Testimonies from angry Toulouse residents are pouring in on social networks. In question: Certicode+ error, this encrypted code is required to be entered by the customer along with his ID and password on his computer or mobile. An essential security tool for accessing your account or verifying transactions at Post Bank. This code guarantees the security of banking operations so that there is no problem with the account.
An unprecedented breakdown occurred several days ago. “I called my agency and there was a flood of calls, says Philip, the editor and client of Bank Boslele. I have no details. Except that it was an error and had to wait. That’s it. This Monday, moreover, I only had a message on the answering machine. Especially on a holiday. On the go, it gets a bit curious when banking transactions are high.


La Poste acknowledges a system failure: “Some La Banque Poste customers experienced a one-time outage when using the Certicode + service. This incident is currently being resolved by deploying a new version for download. La Banque Poste apologizes to the customers concerned and remains at their disposal for any further information.

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