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Has the sixth mass destruction of the earth begun?  Here are the numbers

Has the sixth mass destruction of the earth begun? Here are the numbers

Honolulu (Hawaii) – University of Hawaii Biologists and the National Museum of Natural History in Paris The earth is facing its sixth mass destruction If we take into account the disappearance of invertebrates. This is evidenced by the research data they have published and published in the scientific journal Biological Criticism, and they point out that this extinction was caused entirely by human activity.


Extending the results collected on land snails and snails, the authors of the research from year 1500 In between the earth would have been lost 7.5 and 13% Two million species known on the planet. In other words, in between 150,000 e 260,000 species Will disappear 500 years. According to experts, this will be a start.

Cowie: “We are the only race that can handle the biosphere”

Robert Cowie, Says the lead author of the research: “Species extinction rates have increased dramatically and declining numbers of many animals and plants are well documented, but some deny that these events equate to mass extinction. – Adds – It is important to add invertebrates to ensure that we actually see the beginning of the sixth mass extinction in the history of the earth.Cowie concludes his dissertation by pointing the finger at the man who asks for more attention if given greater responsibility: “Humans are the only creatures capable of manipulating the biosphere on a large scale. We are not just another race facing external influences. On the contrary, we are the only species that has a conscious choice regarding our future and terrestrial biodiversity.

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