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Harvest Moon: A World - Now Available for the Nintendo Switch

Harvest Moon: A World – Now Available for the Nintendo Switch

Harvest Moon: Rising Star Games is proud that One World is now available across Europe for the Nintendo Switch. The game has PEGI 3 and USK 0 ratings and is available physically and digitally across Europe for 49.99 *.

“Harvest Moon: A World is still our biggest harvest moon game,” said Hiro McCaw, chairman and CEO of Natsum. “Inspired by real-world locations, strange harvest whistles, five different countries inspired by innovative tools to travel fast and carry your barn with you, and truly rare and exotic animals, this is truly a new world for players to explore. They go deep into the mountains and see a volcano near the convenient mountain town of Lepkuchen!

Can you imagine a world without cabbage, tomatoes or even carrots? Believe it or not, this is the world you see at the beginning of the harvest moon: a world, because the harvest goddess, the queen of crops, has disappeared …

However, before the harvest goddess disappeared from this world, he matched the little will with knowledge of various seeds, thus taking care not to lose the various fruits and vegetables of the world. Optionally, you can open different seeds as you progress through the game! But finding the option is difficult because they all appear at different times and in different places. You need to use your mind to make sure you keep track of as many of them as you can!

  • Explore five unique and colorful areas: the vast meadows of Galison, the beautiful beaches of Hollow Halo, the arid desert heat of Pastilla, the cozy mountains of Gingerbread and the snowy mountains of Salmiyaki!
  • Choose your main character and get to know the five beautiful bachelors and the five beautiful bachelors, each with their own unique personality and background!
  • Keep breeding animals like cows, sheep, goats and deer!
  • Use your Expondo farm to easily travel from one area to another!
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Season Boss & Weir DLC-Packs
There will be a free feature update for the Lonely Mountains later this year: Downhill. We introduce Daily Rides, where players compete daily on the platforms for first place on the leaderboard. Every day a random path with new obstacles and shortcuts is chosen. The Daily Challenges take place over the 3-8 week season, where you can unlock new and unique rewards for participating and be one of the best players at the end of the season.
Farming fun continues in four DLC packs! The interior design and tool update pack and season pass are available from today. The Far East Adventure Pack, Pack of Precious Pets and Legendary Wildlife Pack will be released this spring.

Live your best life! Customize the interior of your home with five amazing designs! In addition, you can add extra amount to your spade, watering can, hammer, ax and fishing rod, which makes growing crops, fishing and mining easier and faster! This pack contains extra layer for all your tools and five different interior decoration boxes: Farm, Castle, Steampunk, Shuttle and Starlight!

Interior design and tool update package is now available!

Buy Season Pass today to access all four DLCs at special prices *. Released after March 5th, the DLC will automatically update the game on their release date.

To learn more about all DLC packages, follow our social media channels for more information.

* Physical and digital prices in your area may vary slightly.

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