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Harrison banned West: Anger over PS5 update

Harrison banned West: Anger over PS5 update

“Horizon Forbidden West” is one of PlayStation’s next big blockbuster titles. However, the normal PS4 version of the game will not be upgraded to the PS5. That is the reason.

It is now known that big video games no longer come in a single pack. Many major titles offer different versions with different bonuses. This bonus is one feature with “Horizon Forbidden West”Many took it for granted.


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This is because if you get the PS4 version of the default and special version of the game “only”, you can play it because it is compatible downwards on the PS5. But updates and innovations like the improved frame rate are only included in the Digital Deluxe, Collector or Regalla versions.

These are only available for both versions of the game, i.e. for PS4 and PS5. This is especially surprising because Guerrilla Games recently released a patch for the first “Horizon” game, which brought some improvements to the new console – and is completely free.


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Of course, customers should be encouraged to buy more expensive versions. In view of the fact that not all interested parties have owned the PS5 for a long time, customer dissatisfaction is very understandable.

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