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What do you think about the smartphone interface?

HarmonyOS smartphones will arrive in Europe next year

A Huawei executive says the home interface of Chinese company HarmonyOS 2.0 could land on smartphones sold in Europe from 2022.

When The US embargo against Huawei will not be weakened under the leadership of Joe Biden, Chinese company continues to work Its home operating system is HarmonyOS. As a reminder, this OS should work on many devices and since version 2.0, smartphones are vulnerable.

However, Long list of smartphones updated for HarmonyOS 2.0 Currently about China. In France, you need to use a tablet to find this interface Matpad Pro (2021) Where Matpad11.

HarmonyOS smartphones in Europe

Huawei, however, has never hidden its desire to conquer the world with its operating system, and hopes that it will make users forget about their familiar Android experience. The plan could take effect in 2022.

In fact, Romanian media True He spoke with Derek You, head of Huawei’s consumer division in Eastern, Central and Northern Europe, Canada and Turkey. The latter takes advantage of this interview to highlight the highest level of satisfaction that people have in switching from Android and HarmonyOS. It also means “We will launch HarmonyOS to Europe next year (2022).

Note that the quote is translated from Romanian via Google Translate. So let’s take a step back, but for those who enjoy this software experience it is very promising. Maybe we can see Huawei P50 In Europe at the same time.

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